Expert Underground Utility Solutions in Alameda County by Devco Development & Engineering

At Devco Development & Engineering, we pride ourselves on our expertise in providing superior underground utility solutions with a strong focus on safety, innovation, and implementing the most advanced technologies. Our services are not just about constructing and engineering; they are about building the future of Alameda County’s infrastructure in the safest and most efficient ways possible. As a proud Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE), and holding certifications such as SDVOSB, PDBE, SB-Micro, and SB-pw, we bring not only our dedication and expertise but also a commitment to excellence and service to our country’s values to every project.

Our range of services caters specifically to the unique needs of Alameda County, specializing in:

  • Hydro Excavation A safer, non-destructive method of excavation that uses pressurized water to remove soil, minimizing the risk of damaging underground utilities.
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD): An environmentally friendly trenchless method that allows the installation of underground utilities without disturbing the surface above.
  • Potholing: Essential for verifying the location of existing utilities, potholing with us guarantees safety and precision in your construction planning. 
  • Pipe Bursting: A cost-effective trenchless method to replace buried pipelines without the need for a traditional trench.
  • Micro Trenching: Perfect for urban areas, this minimally invasive technique allows the installation of fiber optic cables with minimal disruption.
  • Hydro Vac Services: Utilizing high-pressure water for excavation and vacuum for material transfer, this method is ideal for sensitive areas.
  • Pipe Splitting: An efficient solution for replacing old or damaged pipes with new ones without extensive excavation.
  • Trenchless Sewer Repair: Avoid the hassle and expense of traditional sewer repair methods with our no-dig solutions.
  • Directional Boring: Also known as directional drilling, this technique is designed for the precise installation of utilities with minimal impact on the surrounding area.

As a licensed General A Engineering Contractor and General Contractor B in California, Devco Development & Engineering is not just a service provider; we are your partners in development and engineering.

Why Choose Us?

Safety First: Our commitment to safety is unmatched, ensuring that every project complies with the highest standards.
Experienced Professionals: Our team brings years of industry experience, guaranteeing solutions that are both efficient and effective.
Cutting-Edge Technology: We utilize the latest technology and innovative methods to provide superior underground utility solutions.
Veteran-Owned: Proudly a DVBE, we bring our military values of integrity, commitment, and excellence to every project.
Local Expertise: Specializing in services for Alameda County, we understand the unique needs and challenges of this area.

For all your underground utility needs in Alameda County, trust Devco Development & Engineering to deliver unparalleled service and expertise. Reach out to us at 951-221-3633 or via email at info@devco-inc.com for more information or to discuss your next project.

Let us help you lay the foundation for a safer, more efficient future.

Alameda County (/ˌæləˈmdə/  AL-ə-MEE-də) is a county located in the U.S. state of California. As of the 2020 census, the population was 1,682,353,[4][5] making it the 7th-most populous county in the state[6] and 21st most populous nationally. The county seat is Oakland.[7] Alameda County is in the San Francisco Bay Area, occupying much of the East Bay region.

The Spanish word alameda means either "a grove of poplars...or a tree lined street". The name was originally used to describe the Arroyo de la Alameda. The willow and sycamore trees along the banks of the river reminded the early Spanish explorers of a road lined with trees.[8][9] Although a strict translation to English might be "Poplar Grove Creek", the name of the principal stream that flows through the county is now simply "Alameda Creek".

Alameda County is part of the San Francisco–Oakland–Berkeley, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area, and the San Jose–San Francisco–Oakland, CA Combined Statistical Area.


The county was formed on March 25, 1853, from a large portion of Contra Costa County and a smaller portion of Santa Clara County.

The county seat at the time of the county's formation was located at Alvarado, now part of Union City. In 1856, it was moved to San Leandro, where the county courthouse was destroyed by the devastating 1868 quake on the Hayward Fault. The county seat was then re-established in the town of Brooklyn from 1872 to 1875. Brooklyn is now part of Oakland, which has been the county seat since 1873.

Much of what is now an intensively urban region was initially developed as a trolley car suburb of San Francisco in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The historical progression from Native American tribal lands to Spanish then Mexican ranches, then to farms, ranches, and orchards, then to multiple city centers and suburbs, is shared with the adjacent and closely associated Contra Costa County.

Law, government and politics[edit]

René C. Davidson CourthouseAlameda County Superior Court, Oakland, in June 2009


The Government of Alameda County is defined and authorized under the California ConstitutionCalifornia law, and the Charter of the County of Alameda.[10] Much of the Government of California is in practice the responsibility of county governments such as the Government of Alameda County, while municipalities such as the City of Oakland and the City of Berkeley provide additional, often non-essential services. The County government provides countywide services such as elections and voter registration, law enforcement, jails, vital records, property records, tax collection, and public health. In addition it is the local government for all unincorporated areas, and provides services such as law enforcement to some incorporated cities under a contract arrangement.

It is composed of the elected five-member Alameda County Board of Supervisors (BOS) as the county legislature, several other elected offices and officers including the Sheriff, the District AttorneyAssessorAuditor-Controller/County Clerk/RecorderTreasurer/Tax Collector, and numerous county departments and entities under the supervision of the County Administrator. In addition, several entities of the government of California have jurisdiction conterminous with Alameda County, such as the Alameda County Superior Court.

The current supervisors are:[11]

  • David Haubert, district 1,
  • Elisa Márquez, district 2,
  • Lena Tam, district 3,
  • Nate Miley, district 4, and
  • Keith Carson, district 5.

The Board elects a president who presides at all meetings of the Board and appoints committees to handle work involving the major programs of the county. If the president is absent for a meeting, the vice president shall be responsible. A Board election occurs every two years for these positions. Supervisor Carson is serving currently as president; Supervisor Miley is vice president.

The county's law enforcement is overseen by an elected Sheriff/Coroner and an elected District Attorney. The Sheriff supervises the deputies of the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, whose primary responsibilities include policing unincorporated areas of the county and cities within the county which contract with the Sheriff's Office for police services; providing security and law enforcement for county buildings including courthouses, the county jail and other county properties; providing support resources, such as a forensics laboratory and search and rescue capabilities, to other law enforcement agencies throughout the county; and serving the process of the county's Superior Court system. The District Attorney's office is responsible for prosecuting all criminal violations of the laws of the state of California, the county, or its constituent municipalities, in the Alameda County Superior Court. The current Sheriff is Yesenia Sanchez, who was elected in 2022, succeeding Greg Ahern, who had served in the post for 16 years. The Sheriff's Office operates two jails: Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, and Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility in downtown Oakland.

In 2009, Nancy E. O'Malley was appointed Alameda County district attorney after Tom Orloff retired. She served two terms and did not run for reelection in 2022.[12] Pamela Price was elected as district attorney in 2022.[13]

The Alameda County Fire Department (ACFD)[14] was formed on July 1, 1993, as a dependent district, with the Board of Supervisors as its governing body. Municipal and specialized fire departments have been consolidated into the ACFD over the years. 1993 brought in the Castro Valley and Eden Consolidated FD, and the County Fire Patrol. San Leandro joined in 1995, Dublin in 1997, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2002, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 2007, The Alameda County Regional Emergency Communications Center in 2008, and Newark and Union City in 2010. Emeryville joined the ACFD in 2012.

The Alameda County Water District is a special district within Alameda County created to distribute water, but it is not operated by Alameda County administrators. It is operated by an elected board of directors.

Alameda County Superior Court operates in twelve separate locations throughout the county, with its central René C. Davidson Courthouse located in Oakland near Lake Merritt. Most major criminal trials and complex civil cases are heard at this location or in courtrooms within the County Administration Building across the street.


on Map
10Oakland (county seat)1852440,646
13San Leandro187291,008
14Union City195970,143
Cities and census designated places of Alameda County