Category: Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Mar 24
How much does Horizontal Directional Drilling Cost in 2024? : Calculator

Directional Drilling Cost Calculator Directional Drilling Cost Calculator Pipe Size: 1″2″3″4″6″8″ Material Type: PlasticSteel Linear Feet: Calculate Total Cost: $0 ** This is not an proposal/estimate** **This rough pricing for a single bore shot, and does NOT take into account numerous other factors, SEE BELOW** Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), also known as directional boring, is […]

Feb 24
Risk of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Environmental and Safety Concerns Assessing Impact on Biodiversity The resilience and health of ecosystems are based on biodiversity. Even though directional drilling is a less intrusive extraction technique, it still has the potential to modify ecosystems and impact the migratory and behavior of species. Comprehensive investigations that are conducted both before and after drilling activities […]