Category: Trenchless Technology

Jun 12
How Horizontal Directional Drilling Enhances Commercial Solar System Installations

Commercial solar installations are pivotal in transitioning towards a more renewable energy infrastructure. One of the innovative techniques that greatly optimize these installations is Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). This method not only accelerates the installation process but also minimizes environmental disruptions, proving its worth as a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Overview of HDD Technology Horizontal […]

May 23
Enhancing Home Value with Modern Underground Utilities

Are you considering moving, or perhaps you’re thinking about selling or buying a home? One of the most effective ways to boost your property’s appeal and value is by upgrading to modern underground utilities. From electrical panel upgrades to installing efficient plumbing systems, these improvements not only enhance the functionality of your property but also […]

May 09
The Ultimate Guide to Installing Underground Utilities

In today’s rapidly evolving infrastructure sector, installing utilities underground has become more efficient, less intrusive, and environmentally friendly, thanks to trenchless technologies. This guide explores the best methods for installing utilities such as sewer, gas lines, and electrical conduits underground, focusing on directional boring, directional drilling, also known as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), and pipe […]

Apr 07
Pipe Bursting Cost Calculator

Pipe Bursting Cost Calculator Pipe Bursting Cost Calculator Select Pipe Material: ClayCast IronAsbestos CementOther Cement Enter Linear Feet: Calculate Cost Get an official Estimate Today Total Cost: $0 **The above is not a proposal/Estimate, please visit our Pipe Bursting Service Pages to get pricing specific to your project in your area. Please read on to […]

Mar 31
The Essential Steps of Pipe Bursting: Your Guide to Trenchless Pipe Repair

Pipe bursting has revolutionized the way underground utilities are installed and repaired, offering a trenchless solution that minimizes disruption and environmental impact. Whether it’s a sewer line, gas line, or any other underground utility, understanding the steps involved in pipe bursting can help you appreciate this innovative method’s efficiency and effectiveness. Let’s dive into the […]

Mar 30
Navigating the Regulatory Landscape: Key Considerations for Trenchless Installation Compliance

In the evolving field of trenchless technology, understanding and navigating the regulatory framework is crucial for ensuring project success and environmental stewardship. This comprehensive guide delves into the essential considerations for compliance with trenchless technology regulations, aiming to equip professionals with the knowledge needed to effectively manage their projects within the bounds of legal and […]

Nov 17
Utility Potholing Cost Calculator

Potholing Cost Calculator Potholing Cost Calculator Number of Holes: Average Depth (Feet): Soil Type: Dirt/Sand/MixRocky/CobbleUnknown/Other Calculate Potholing Cost Estimation: Your First Step Towards Accurate Project Planning Welcome to our innovative feature – the Potholing Cost Calculator. This tool is designed to give you a preliminary estimate of the costs associated with your potholing projects, providing […]

Jul 15
Pipe Bursting vs. Pipe Splitting: DEVCO’s Approach to Trenchless Infrastructure Renewal

Introduction Underground utilities are the silent arteries of our cities, providing essential services that fuel our daily lives. From the water we drink to the sewage systems that maintain our hygiene, the integrity of these hidden networks is crucial. But with time, these vital pipes age and fail, necessitating efficient and effective renewal strategies. In […]

Jul 15
Navigating Below: An Insight into Trenchless Sewer Repair

Introduction In the realm of sewer repair and maintenance, innovative solutions are always in demand to combat the perennial issues of surface disruption, lengthy project durations, and the high costs involved. This is where Trenchless Sewer Repair (TSR) comes as a beacon of hope. Unlike traditional sewer repair methods which require extensive digging and are […]

Jul 15
Unveiling the Future: Trenchless Technology and Directional Drilling for Underground Utilities

In the realm of urban development and utility management, Trenchless Technology emerges as a herald of modernization and sustainability. Unlike traditional methods that require extensive digging and surface disruption, Trenchless Technology encompasses a suite of methods, materials, and equipment that enable the installation, replacement, or repair of underground utilities with minimal excavation. One such method […]